Residencial – Aplus Cleaning Sevice

Residential Cleaning

At Aplus cleaning service we provided our own equipment and cleaning supplies, we use meticulously regular and green products to your floor, kitchen, bathroom and furniture Al our Employees are professional and hard worker individuals to add an employee we use our standard way by train the new Employee by experienced Employee.

Usually our crew will be uniformed and accompained by group of two or three people, they will bring their own supplies and will make sure that every area from your house, will be clean perfectly from top to bottom.

Area to be cleaned :

  • Kitchen

    Clean front cabinets, Clean toaster stove, Wipe outside fridge, clean microwave, wipe front counters, clean sink, vacuum and mop.

  • Bathrooms

    Clean tub, Sink, Vanity, Clean all different areas, vacuum and mop.

  • Living Rooms

    Clean and dust all areas, all mirrors, clean all Baseboards, vacuum and mop.

  • Bedrooms

    Clean and dust all areas, make beds, wipe down all baseboards, vacuum and mop.

Additional upon request: Clean inside fridge $10.00

Clean inside oven $10.00